Friday, April 24, 2009

Panic envelops the Mets

Of course it's still incredibly early in the season (not yet 10% of the way thru), but it's always fun to see which team panics first. Aside from Boston being in a 2-10 hole, watching the Mets and their ever-pessimistic fans gag first is just damn fun stuff.

A team insider later elaborated that no one, aside from Johan Santana, has immunity. Translation: Perez or Pelfrey, who can be optioned to the minors without passing through waivers, could be ticketed for the minors, while Livan Hernandez's standing as fifth starter could be on shaky ground. Perez would have to consent to a minor-league assignment, like Steve Trachsel did in 2001, since he has more than five years of major-league service time. Maine, who is 0-2 with a 7.47 ERA, is out of minor-league options and needs to stay on the roster, but - like Perez and Pelfrey - could be sent to the pen.
This is the same Mets team who lavished a nice multi-year deal on the same Ollie Perez... the same Ollie Perez who has NEVER, EVER lived up to his hype, expectations and raw talents. Three years, $36m for Perez. Good luck with that, Mets fans. I am sure he'll get his stuff together... in the last 3 months of the 3rd year of the deal.

And Livan? Did ANYONE think that would, you know, actually work out well? Even the most bullish of Mets fans (and by 'bullish' I mean 'not fatalistic') were down on Livan. At least he eat innings, right? Yesterday: 7 runs in 4.1 IP. Eat that. Naturally, everyone with a microphone and a radio show is talking about bringing Pedro back to the Mets. Yee-haw. I can't wait for that one.

Of course, once Pedro signs with someone else, he'll actually be good, but on the Mets, the funk would simply envelop him as it has with everyone else.

At least the Mets can gaze longingly at Johan. He's pretty amazing.

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Alex K said...

Mets fans are now booing David Wright. How fickle can you be?