Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Find me a ninja, for one"

I'm not a Twitterer, yet. I don't really have much desire to become one and frankly, if anyone really has an interest in following what I'm doing, I'd suggest going outside and getting some fresh air. There has GOTTA be something better out there than following me... it's not the glamorous life you are all imagining.

That said, Brian Wilson (Giants closer) was Twittering Saturday night around 1am and subsequently blew the save (and I had Cain's win all but in my score, damn him). There's been some fall-out as a result:

He posted some twitterings late Saturday night in which he said (paraphrasing from memory) “Scottsdale is fun but overaggressive males are not,” leaving the impression he was out on the town potentially getting into fights past 1 a.m. The Giants played a day game Sunday and Wilson blew a three-run lead in a 5-4 loss. A reporter blogged about it Sunday night, but didn’t accuse Wilson of anything. Wilson tweeted back, saying he was eating room service hamburgers. Later today, Wilson deleted all of his tweets prior to Sunday morning.
Wilson's response to Baggerly's question about Saturday night and the tweets:
“This Twitter crap, I’ve obviously got to stop because people are taking it too serious. My aspect of that is I write a bunch of stuff that’s not true. It’s made up. Obviously I’m not doing things like going toe-to-toe with a ninja. Find me a ninja, for one.

“Obviously, it’s my fault for making up a bunch of stuff but I know for a fact most of those followers know I’m not being serious. They just like hearing funny stuff. Some people don’t understand, but I’m not an idiot, so obviously, I’ve got to stop.”
"Find me a ninja, for one."

Too bad, since it's clear that athletes Twittering while out late at night can only result in some wonderful unintentional comedy.

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