Monday, April 13, 2009

Where Beckett was wrong

I saw the highlights of the Beckett/Abreu spark that wound up getting 4 players tossed. I think Beckett was fine bringing the pitch in, even high and tight the way it was delivered. He's a short-fuse type and wasn't happy about Abreu getting 'time' called while he was already in his delivery.

But here's the reason it escalated and why Beckett was in the wrong: he stepped off the mound and advanced towards Abreu in a threatening manner. Had he simply stood on the mound, stayed on the mound, I don't think it escalates as it did.

Dumb move.

Even dumber: using Adenhart as an "excuse":

"I know Bobby Abreu," Beckett said. "He knows I'm not trying to hit him in the head. Obviously, there's a lot of emotion in this series. Not only facing us, but the tragedy."
This suggestion clearly infuriated Hunter, who was tossed by crew chief Joe West, working at second base.

"Don't use Nick," Hunter said of the late Adenhart. "I don't know if everybody has eyes on us, [thinking] we're not emotionally stable, but that was blatant. We'd have been out there no matter what.

"A lot of things were said out there, not only by the Red Sox. I'll leave it at that. I was trying to hold guys back and calm things down, and something was said that was outrageous. I freaking lost it."


Ron Rollins said...

Yeah, but Hunter got tossed before Beckett had a chance to make that statement.

So I'm a little confused?

Ross said...

Josh Beckett truly is an ass.