Friday, April 24, 2009

What if: ARod landed with Boston

I love little fantasies like this: What if the ARod trade to the Sox really happened? Well naturally, if it's written by a Boston writer, ARod becomes a hero and beloved, clutch when it counts.

The Yankees, blindsided by the season-ending knee injury third baseman Aaron Boone suffered while playing basketball in his driveway, never recovered. The Red Sox, their offense scoring over 1,000 runs, won the division going away, then ran the table in the postseason, winning their first World Series in 86 years. A-Rod was named MVP. Yankee owner George Steinbrenner, appalled that his team had missed out on both Schilling and A-Rod, fired GM Brian Cashman, who could have had Schilling but didn't want to trade Nick Johnson.
It came as a shock this spring when Selena Roberts reported that A-Rod had used steroids while in Texas, but after the press conference in which A-Rod tearfully spoke of how sorry he was and vowed that for every home run he would hit, he would make a donation to the Taylor Hooton fund, Red Sox fans gave him a standing ovation on opening day.
Back to reality!

Though, there is a really good T/F "quiz" at the bottom of this article that is pretty cool, such as:
  • Alex Rodriguez was willing to send cash back to Texas owner Tom Hicks to make the deal to the Red Sox happen.

    True. But good luck ever getting anyone to admit it.

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Mark said...

Silliness like this...yeesh. If the author means to write a serious piece of speculation, then it's just embarrassing. And if it's meant to be funny, then please -- try to actually *make* it funny.

Seriously, I do think A-Rod would have been happier if he'd ended up somewhere other than the Bronx -- but that place is manifestly *not* Boston, where there's less media, but the scrutiny is at least as intense.

Maybe if he'd ended up in Flushing. Or Kansas City.