Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pete Abe confirms it: People don't want to be seen up front

I discussed this and it got A LOT of traction yesterday, but the rich and the suits are "embarrassed" or just flat out scared to be seen in the best seats in the park.

Meanwhile, I heard an interesting theory from somebody with the Yankees on Tuesday. They claim that many of those empty seats we’re seeing are actually sold, but the ticket-holders are afraid to attend games because they work for troubled businesses and don’t want to be caught living it up on television.

That’s just great. The seats are so extravagant that wealthy people won’t attend because it’ll make them look bad. Maybe the Yankees can provide disguises to these folks. Your bank get bailed out by the feds? Here’s a Joe Girardi mask. Have a good time.
I can only wonder/hope that they "heard" this from ME! After all, I think I was the only one discussing this publicly.

Also, there's a nice shout-out to our friends at FackYouk at the beginning of the same article. Nice work, fellas!


Ross said...

Just be aware that Peter Abraham likely saw that story here and stole it. That is what he does. I can cite multiple examples of him doing this to various bloggers. He thinks he is the top of the food chain so he doesn't have to source people's hard work. What an ass.

Hobbes said...

Cite away, I have noticed it too. It is nice that he quickly reports the info he gets, but he does have a nasty habit of forgetting where he heard something.

myblackfriendsays said...

It makes sense that they wouldn't want to show up. I just saw a story on Nightline about the gourmet food that they have at the new stadium--that alone would make me want to check it out.