Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thinking...bad. Just get ball, throw ball

Seems that Wang is overthinking. Just pitch.

He knew,” [pitching coach Dave] Eiland said. “He was taking a lot of time between pitches. He was holding the ball longer than he normally does with runners on base. So that tells me he was doing a lot of thinking.”

Wang acknowledged he was probably thinking too much on the mound, and he seemed rattled by walking the first batter and hitting the second.

Maybe I go into the game and try to throw hard,” Wang said, adding later, “Every time I try to hit the perfect spot, and every time I’m behind in the count.”
A lot of things were going through his mind, and he wasn’t trusting himself,” Eiland said. “You’ve got to be mentally stronger than that. You’re in the big leagues; you can’t go around feeling sorry for yourself. I’m not saying that’s what he’s doing, but you’ve got to lace it up a little tighter and get after it.”

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