Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Off topic: son of Hanson Brother scores

Now this is just damn cool:

He's a scorer, not a fighter. Unlike Dad.

Christian Hanson, son of one of the brothers (Dave) of "Slap Shot" fame, recorded his first career goal Tuesday night. And he did it in style, poking in a rebound against the legendary Martin Brodeur to give Toronto a 3-0 lead.

Hanson, an undrafted free agent out of Notre Dame, signed with the Maple Leafs last week and quickly ascended to the top line under Ron Wilson. We know it wasn't favoritism that caused his quick rise, because Wilson the film buff never listed the hockey classic among his favorite movies.
Ron Wilson clearly has NO taste in movies. And yes, the movie poster is framed and hanging in my office here at work.

Also, that is a picture of young Hanson, embracing the family "crest", to the upper right.

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hendolo said...

hahaha thats hilarious that a Hanson made the NHL, go leafs go