Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MLB Notebook: The Life and Times of a Baseball Blogger

A good FOTB Zach Sanders of MLB Notebook had a good idea: Interview a bunch of bloggers to give you an idea what it's like and what's required to be an active blogger. Zach was kind enough to ask me my thoughts on a few topics, so I will put my quotes below, but I'd strongly recommend a visit to his site for the whole read.

on Breaking News
"I wouldn't call it pressure, but I think being timely is important. Otherwise, you get lost in the crush. Not to mention, if you have a good quick summary before others, there's some measure of making your claim first that appeals to me," says Jason Rosenberg of It Is About The Money, Stupid, a blog devoted to all things baseball. "I don't want to post something that someone might read and think that I merely repackaged someone else's opinion."

on Attracting Readers
"I'm not a self-promoter by nature, so I have to try to fight against that nature. I started by being active in the comments of blogs that I frequented, testing my arguments, logic, etc," said Rosenberg. "I also tried to befriend bloggers, gaining a level of dialogue "off site". Whenever I create something that I know is better than a regular, derivative posting, I will send it to fellow bloggers for their review. If they like it, they can link to it, but I don't ever like to ask someone to link to something I write."
There are some very interesting takes from some talented bloggers and I was honored to be included.

Thanks, Zach!

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