Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Ideas: WBC

The WBC was fun and all, but I am quite certain the RedSox organization (and their fans) are none too happy with the effects that it's had on Dice-K:

Not only did the club drop its sixth game in eight tries with a 6-5, 12-inning loss to the A’s, but it also lost starter Daisuke Matsuzaka to “general soreness and fatigue’’ in his shoulder.

The fatigue and poor results – Matsuzaka left his second start of the season after only one inning, in which he allowed five runs on 43 pitches – could result in a visit to the disabled list in order to rest the shoulder. Or, he could see his next start pushed back a few days.

Whatever the course of action, the Sox believe Matsuzaka’s fatigue is tied to his participation in March’s World Baseball Classic. Based on comments Matsuzaka has made since returning from the WBC late last month and after his bullpen session in Anaheim last weekend, club officials believe the righty pushed himself too hard, too early at the WBC.
I can't blame everything on the WBC --that's too easy and too lazy-- but one HAS to be concerned, particularly the Sox.

Though the Sox are 2-6, so I can't be that upset, can I?

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