Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not sure whether to laugh or cry

By now, due to my late start, you've heard everything about the new ARod allegations. It's ugly, no matter if it's true or not. Some of the lowlights:

  • Alex Rodriguez may have bulked up with steroids as early as high school - and was suspected of juicing while playing for the Yankees
  • ...fellow Bombers nicknamed the third baseman "B---h T--s" in 2005.
  • unnamed major-leaguer is quoted as saying Rodriguez and steroid-tainted pitcher Kevin Brown were seen together with human growth hormone - HGH - in 2004
  • ...Rodriguez's long relationship with Angel Presinal, a Dominican trainer banned from clubhouses after a steroid incident in 2001
  • Jose Canseco, an ex-teammate and friend of Rodriguez who accused him of steroid abuse even before last year, believes A-Rod was on 'roids in pinstripes.

    I absolutely think Alex is using HGH," he said. "Probably a combination of growth and steroids."

    Canseco said he believes Rodriguez's steroid use goes back to his teens, when he was a high school standout in Miami.

    Was he on steroids in high school?" he said. "I think probably so. I worked out with him when he was 18. He could lift almost as much as I could."
  • Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years, and word was that his connection was a dog kennel owner.
  • The 255-page book also chronicles A-Rod's off-the-field escapades: his poker habit; his divorce from his wife, Cynthia; the relationship with Madonna, and dalliances with out-of-town floozies.
  • He was even hated at Hooters, where he tipped the minimum 15%

OK, the nickname is absolutely hilarious, in a mocking way of a teammate. From A-Fraud to B*tch T*ts... incredible that he continued to act the same way. Way to miss the hints!

Just think: Another 8+ years of ARod fun.

Hank shoulda let him walk when he had the chance.

If you want a really solid view of this, particularly regarding Selena Roberts, click here for Shysterball's take.


Marc said...

Still glad he's on my team. The drama sucks for now but won't last forever. They are playing .500 ball now and arod is still a stud. He's no worse than literally hundreds of others, but is in the spotlight bc he is the best.

Angry Asshole said...

Seems to me this is all about the money. Nothing credible has been reported thus far. Nobody was willing to go on record to accuse A-Rod of anything besides Canseco who hardly knows him.

Not to poke holes in what has been leaked, but how many high school sophomores that work out all the time do you know that get bigger/stronger by their junior year? I know that I grew 2 inches, put on about 20lbs, 15 of which was muscle, and I have not been blessed with great athletic gifts...

Alex K said...

I'm with AA. I don't find it odd at all that when he was 16-17 years old he was able to put on a lot of muscle while working out. Since when is puberty a scandal?

Anonymous said...

Just remember that creepy Jose C. has been accurate on most, if not all of his allegations.