Monday, January 14, 2008

Are you sh*tting me?

A BIG thanks to the NY Post for breaking this little oyster of goodness: 'GLADIATORS' TESTED FOR 'ROIDS. Are you freakin' sh*tting me? This program, featuring some of the most outrageously built men and women, is hosted by none other than well-known and admitted 'roid taker Hulk Hogan. This is just beautiful.

The performers - all body builders competing in a new version of the rough-and-tumble show of the early 1990s - were all tested when they underwent their initial physicals, the magazine says.

In addition, cast members' contracts require them to submit to tests at any time during the competition.

No, really.
The question is: Do we care? This is entertainment. Don't we want the biggest, freakish, silicon-laden "gladiators" as we can get? I mean, why would anyone turn in to see some average joes competing against a bunch of men and women who were merely "in shape"? Where's the fun in that? We want the joes to get pummeled by comic book characters in a fit of 'roid rage. Right?

Um, hello?

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Travis M. Nelson said...

They already had that show.

It was called:

"Battle of the Network Stars"