Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve @ Qualcomm

Will have a bunch more to say after a great holiday in San Diego, which was kicked off with a Christmas Eve Monday Night football game just hours after landing.

Big props to the lil' bro on nailing the tix and a snazzy jersey for me, and a BK crown for Jon.

Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy 2008!

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With no reservations, a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dad!!!!
Thanks for showing us how to do things the "right way".

EDIT: Upon returning from Palm Desert where my folks celebrated New Years, my Dad proudly called me to let me know that he nailed his first Eagle ever. Par 5. One iron (yes, he not only has one, he uses it. He's got the hands to swing it!). Three wood to back left of the green, which funneled downward right. 25 foot uphill putt to nail the Eagle. Hit it hard enough to kill the break. Then tossed the ball into the hazard as a donation to the Golf Gods (good Karma, folks) and was done with the round after 14 holes.

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