Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Traditionalists are rioting in the streets!

Warning: Contains high levels of sarcasm.

Hide the kids! Hide the women! Avert your eyes! Remember this? More to come!

MLB and infrastructure provider EMC have announced that they have teamed up to sponsor the Red Sox - A's game in Tokyo March 23-25. What does this mean? It means traditionalists will freak out by seeing EMC logos and sleeve patches, along with one touting the event "Japan 2008".

EMC, already a corporate partner and the official information infrastructure solutions provider of the defending World Series champion Red Sox, will commemorate the event with specially designed sleeve patches featuring the EMC and "Japan 2008" logos to be worn by manager Terry Francona and all Boston players. This will be the first corporate logo on a Red Sox uniform. EMC is also expected to participate via stadium signage and other events surrounding the games.

Yet, the traditionalists conveniently forget what stadiums used to look like, back in the good old days. Like this:

Whatever. It's for a few games in Japan so let's not freak out too much.

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