Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Great moments in Congressional Phonics

Great moments in pronouncing names by the Rep's in Congress heard yesterday:

  • Te-HAY-da = Tejada
  • Palm-air-EE = Palmiero
  • Bonez = Bones (should be Bone-ESS)
  • Sa-BEEN = Sabean (should be Say-be-en)
  • SELL-ig = Selig (should be SEE-lig)
  • Sel-lick = Selig
  • Fur = Fehr (should be Fear)
  • Fair = Fehr
  • BONUS: Blackhawks = Black Sox
  • BONUS: 300 = 3000
Feel free to add ones I missed via comments below and I will add them to the list.


Shyster said...

Reminded me of the Senator in Godfather II who intentionally mispronounced "Corleone" when he wanted to distance himself from the man with whom he was all too familiar.

How much you want to bet these Congressmen know how to pronounce Selig or Fehr's name when they want World Series tickets or a player to appear at some event they're supporting?

Jason said...

True, Shyster, true. Funniest part of the whole hearing was the "Palmieree got his 300th hit" thing, to which Mitchell replied: "um, what?"