Friday, January 11, 2008

Too bad Bud doesn't have a Flux Capacitor

Too bad Bud Selig doesn't have a working Flux Capacitor so he could go back in time about 15-20 years and do this. While the natural cynic in me screams "IT'S ABOUT TIME, BUD!", I will say that I am happy he's finally doing it.

In doing so now, he can better serve the future fans to ensure the performances they are witnessing on the field are as close to PED-free as possible. [NOTE: once they start blood testing, we'll be even better shape. Too bad the Union won't consent to taking samples now and freezing them until there's a reliable test.] Guys like Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, ARod, Albert Pujols can continue to attack the record books without being looked at skeptically, hopefully.

Now, I have no idea what sort of broad authorities this investigatory unit will have, nor do I know what their mission will be, other than to halt the use of PEDs. Will they have access to all clubhouses? Will they conduct background checks on every person who has access to the clubhouse? Will they act like PI's and track/trail players, clubhouse guys, trainers, etc.? At what stage does the ALCU take a stand?

Other questions: Will Bud have the authority to suspend or will any findings be subject to Union barkings? Is this subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement or is this something that is possible to instate unilaterally under the powers of the Commish?

Highlights of commissioner Bud Selig's implementations based on George Mitchell's suggestions of policing drug use in the sport:

  • Establishment of a department of investigations for the purpose of examining drug use
  • Tip line for team employees to make Selig's office aware of violations of drug, betting and other rules
  • Background checks and random drug tests for clubhouse employees
  • Logging all packages sent to clubhouses
  • Permanent credentials for drug testers

More to come on this, no doubt.

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