Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wait, we actually WON that game?

I watched the entire game and I'm still stunned that the Giants won. I watched Marion Barber look like a snowplow out there early. I watched Romo & Co. play keep-away for an entire quarter. Suddenly, the Giants won. Then I watched Eli will the Giants for a TD as the 1st half expired. I watched how the Giants got waaay too conservative late, giving the ball back to Dallas twice late in the fourth quarter. Then I watched Romo get the ball back and have the Cowboys on the doorstep. Finally I watched McQuarters intercept Romo in the end zone to solidify the win. YES!

Best part of the game for me: having my boys legitimately interested in it, especially my older son, who's just at the right age to start "getting into it". He high-fived me after the INT. My little one, who really has no idea what's going one ("Root for the Giants; they're in BLUE"), cheered. A good day.

Not much more to the post as I'm just really excited, especially since the Chargers also won (our adopted 2nd favorite team since the rest of my family is living in SD; see this for more SD goodness).

Got a really crazy work stretch coming up so I will try to post when my sked permits. Most of it will sadly be Clemens-related as it's starting to heat up. Maybe I will have some fun with the Glaus-Rolen trade (injury history, bad attitudes, 'roids...).

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A-Claws said...

Looks cool, but unfortunately, I don't understand it...... yet. I'll try to wise up.