Thursday, January 10, 2008

Suspicious? Ironic? Calculated? You tell me.

As you may have heard, our ultra-busy congressmen have decided that THEY need to have their own Clemens/McNcamee investigation BEFORE dragging them in to speak under oath. Glad they have nothing better to do. Our friend Craig at Shysterball has an excellent post on this subject today, and quite honestly, beat me to the punch (as usual) on the subject. [For those who haven't bookmarked Shysterball and visit it at least once daily, you should do so. You'll be smarter for doing it.]

What stuck out to me as either ironic or cooly calculated was the reschedule date: February 13th. What's so ironic about that? Well, only that the next day is the First Day for Pitchers and Catchers to report to major league camps, or in otherwords, one of the bestest days of the year for me. Sounds like it's been timed exactly to coincide with the launching of the season, or, as far as Congress is concerned, perfect for gaining the most airtime. I still cannot believe that Congress is taking the time and money to decide a he-said/he-said. Furthermore, that they think they can determine this in one month and it took Mitchell years to get anything done.

If this Inquisition took place on January 16th, as originally scheduled, we'd have a month to put it behind us and finally get ready for the regular season... a regular season that could not come soon enough after this horribly damaging Winter. Bud, thanks again for ordering the Mitchell Report. Incomplete, suspect and based primarily upon two trainers/in-house staffers based in NY. Yes, I am angry.

The esteemed Buster Olney of ESPN fame, lead his blog today (Insider access required) with this:

Some baseball executives wonder if federal investigators will uncover trainers and batboys in other cities, in Los Angeles or Kansas City or Boston or Texas or some other place. "You have to figure that there was a Kirk Radomski in just about every clubhouse," a GM said the other day. "It wasn't only in New York."


That's all for now. I'm a bit buried with work so more when time permits.


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