Sunday, January 6, 2008

Clemens & McNamee chat?

Roger: Hello?

McNamee: Hey there, it's me.

Roger: (coldly) What's up?

McNamee: Oh don't be that way. We can't let the press ruin what we once had.

Roger: I guess. It was special, wasn't it?

McNamee: Yeppers. I'm sorry that meanie George Mitchell used the Feds to strong arm me into telling the truth to them.

Roger: It's OK. I would have flipped on you, my wife and every kid I have that I named with the letter K as soon as I knew I could save my own hide.

McNamee: I know.

Roger: So now what?

McNamee: Well that depends on how bad you trashed me in the "60 Minutes" fluff job that's airing tonite.

Roger: Not too bad. I used the 'deny deny deny' approach and I hope everyone buys the the "B12 + Lidocaine" excuse. It's a new one, I think.

McNamee: Good, the gullible public will surely buy it. I mean, it's not like your performance spiked at a time when you should have been continuing to fade like Dan Duquette predicted.

Roger: Ha, that's a good one. Wanna come over and help me re-frost the tips of my hair?

McNamee: Sure, what are you wearing?

Roger: Cut-off t-shirt, pink Juicy sweats, Hannah Montana slippers.

McNamee: My favorites. Be right over.

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