Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lunchtime update

I've been paying sporatic attention to the new "MLB on the Hill" reality show. Some quick thoughts:

  1. Tejada's in trouble (separate investigation coming)
  2. Selig looks like a winner here. Finally accepted blame.
  3. Mitchell looked brilliant and well-prepared
  4. Fehr was predictably battled
  5. Many of these congressmen and women have no idea how to pronouce players' names. Way to be prepared.
  6. Insinuating that "kids" can walk into any old convenience store and buy PED's is such an over-simplified view; it's pathetic.
  7. The congressmen and women all want a stiffer and tougher policy, yet, MLB's penalties are already the highest (% of games suspended, etc.) in any of the major sports. What do they want, a death penalty?
  8. There is no "commercially viable" HGH test and they want blood tests now for future testing. That'd be a real threat. Buster Olney suggested this years back. If I can find that blog entry, I will, but right now, I have gotta get back to my real job.
  9. Comparing heroin/cocaine to PEDs is laughable and destroys credibility, Senator!

Would HIGHLY recommend you checking out Jayson Stark's live blog. Better he than me to accurately capture everything.

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