Monday, January 21, 2008

Prepare for more Boston vs. NY hyperbole!

Despite buddy Shyster's YAWN about the NY/Boston angle for the Superbowl, we have two full weeks of breathless hyperbole about the game.

Maybe you've heard, there's some not-so-good-blood between the two fanbases.

Guessing the rest of the non-East Coast Biased viewing public will be further sick of us pretty quickly.

I'm really interested to see where the general populace will fall, in terms of rooting interest:

  • anti-NY (obnoxious fans)
  • anti-Boston (insufferable fans)
  • anti-both (both are obnoxious)
  • anti-Belichick (evil)
  • anti-Manning (over-played and sick of Peyton's commecials and shots of Dad Archie sweating in the owner's box)
  • anti-undefeated (this means YOU, Dolphins fans)
  • anti-dynasty (well, just because)
  • anti-Brady (the Jeter of NFL)
  • anti-Strahan (American Dental Association)

Plenty more to exploit here but since today's a day off, I gotta run and have some non-work fun. Stay tuned for more!


TK said...

Where'd you get that map of the Bos/NY Fan dichotomy?

Jason said...

A search on (I honestly forget the exact search keyword, sorry).

Jason said...

Try the google image search, key words "red sox yankees map"