Sunday, January 20, 2008

More bad news for Clemens?

Looks like there's some more possible evidence coming out against Clemens. Can't be good.

Jim Murray, who is employed by Clemens' agents, met with the pitcher's former trainer Brian McNamee in 2004, near Clemens' New York apartment, according to McNamee's attorney Earl Ward.

Ward said that at the time, McNamee was concerned that some steroids may be lingering in Clemens' system that could result in a positive test in Major League Baseball's first round of steroid testing.

"He did speak to Murray about his suspicions, his concerns that Major League Baseball had implemented testing and that Roger could have a problem," Ward told the New York Times after speaking with his client Friday night.

McNamee said Murray took detailed notes about the meeting.

Hope Roger is channelling Houdini or else he's in for a beat-down Feb. 13th.


Rick N said...

At this point, who cares about Clemens. Time to move on..


Jason said...

Not yet, Rick. Let's give this a chance to run thru. We're a LONG way from over.