Thursday, January 17, 2008

A quick moment of thanks

Just wanted to say thanks to a few "friends" who have been helpful in getting this little blog experiment up and running. I launched this blog not more than a month ago and I'm already seeing some impressive, growing traffic. Again, I'm not a writer; I'm just a dumb numbers guy and crazy sports fan who happens to like to write as a hobby. Put them together and you have what you can see here. Comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc., are all encouraged and welcomed.

Guys who have been particularly helpful so far (please visit their sites, bookmark them and visit often) deserve some special attention:

  • Shysterball (Craig has been as helpful and accessable as anyone. Impressive for a guy I have never met but someone who wants to help because he's a good guy.)
  • The Sports Hernia (for the twisted side of sports)
  • MLB Trade Rumors (the model of timeliness)
  • Smart Ball in Seattle (another newbie who's also trying to figure this all out)
  • Pride of the Yankees (two guys my bro and I grew up with, back in the day. They just posted this, with all my thanks possible)

Special mention goes to our friend Jason's excellently written blog called It's about the money.

Again, thanks for the early support. I even added a "Add to Favorites" button (upper lefthand side).


Don Evans said...

Thanks for the Thanks Jason. This new blogging kick I am on is really fun and addictive. its great to be involved in intelligent discussions and learn more about the game. I look forward to many more post to come

The Sports Hernia said...

Looks like it's off and running man, keep up the good work.