Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My beef with the new Yankee Stadium

My father emailed me a bunch of pictures taken of the new Yankee Stadium. Sliding into Home regularly posts updated pictures so it was cool to see the work in progress. I live about 15 miles North of the Stadium, but my commute doesn't bring me past it daily any more so I haven't seen it much in passing in about 2 months.

(If you want me to post some pictures or email them to you, please let me know via the comments section below.)

My biggest beef with the new design can be seen in the schematic below:

I agree with the author's sentiments about the shape of the profile, something that I knew was coming but feared actually seeing.

I love how the upper deck in the current stadium is so close to the field. It's not a big bowl like Shea or some other stadiums. The fans are closer and louder. Now, as it seems, the new stadium will be a bigger bowl with the fans further away. Maybe the seats will be nicer or have a better "view", but I'd easily give up the perfect sightlines to be closer to the field, louder for the opposition. We'll have better bathrooms, though.

Oh well. The costs of progess, I guess.

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