Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great moments in GM-speak

"Astros' owner McLane doesn't regret adding Tejada"

When Tejada was initially dealt for 5 prospects, ESPN's Keith Law, who I think is an excellent scout, had this to say:

By acquiring Miguel Tejada, the Astros seem hellbent on trying to contend in 2008, and the Orioles are the happy beneficiaries. In Tejada, Houston gets a good player who's already in decline and Baltimore receives a good mix of quantity and quality in return.

The Astros do improve their offense significantly with the move, albeit at some cost on defense, so that the net gain is probably under two wins.
(emphasis mine)

Home town boys and former Astros Pettitte and Clemens will appear before Congress on the eve of Pitchers and Catchers reporting and now we hear that Tejada will be forced to testify, too (date TBD). So now Drayton McLane doesn't regret inviting this additional scrutiny and distraction into his clubhouse? ALL FOR TWO STINKIN' WINS? Yeah, right. Sure. Mmm hmm.

According to the report:

McLane said he was caught off-guard when Tejada was mentioned in the report and that he asked commissioner Bud Selig on Wednesday if he knew in advance that Tejada would be in the report.

Have you EVER heard of due diligence, Drayton? It's not like Tejada's name wasn't ever brought up in steriods discussions before. Remember Palmiero (or is it PalmierEE) throwing Tejada under the bus way back when? Buyer beware, indeed.

Now, if McLane really doesn't care, doesn't that mean that tacitly condones PED use, or at the very least, chooses to downplay it "since everyone else was doing it"? If Tejada's decline continues and/or he's distracted due to the Justice Department crawling thru his entire life, think McLane still won't regret it? Well, maybe not since he'll still be looking forward.

"You can't look back," McLane said Wednesday during a break at the major league owners' meetings. "You have to move forward."

And just for giggles:

"I'm not going to go into the past or talk about my past." (Mark McGwire, 3/17/05)
Video here

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