Friday, January 18, 2008

Mike & Mike video surfaces

Here is Jeff Ross' opening spiel: VIDEO

Thanks to Awful Announcing for posting.


Anonymous said...


Your "It'sabuttthemoney" at least gave me a laugh over at our site...on an unrelated note, somewhere along the way I became addicted to the Awful Announcing site.

Have a great weekend, and tell bro I said hi.


Jason said...


You can tell how FRIED I am today, huh? Been buried in spreadsheets all week, getting ready for earnings season so I'm about done.

I've become a fan of AA as well. They linked over here for the Dana Jacobson posting. I think they also do a great job.

Marc checks in here so I'll make sure he gets your sentiments.

Be well,

FOR ALL: Please check out "Rpide of the Yankees" for any Yankee related chatter.

Aziz said...


"Rpide" of the Yanks ... like you said, fried much?

Good thing it's the weekend...

(I'm still chuckling.)

Hasta for now,