Thursday, January 3, 2008

hip-uh-krit (PART 3)

Just released:

Thursday, January 3, 2008
Clemens 'swears' in interview he's never used banned substances news services

Roger Clemens says he was injected with "Lidocaine and B-12" and not steroids or
human growth hormone by former trainer Brian McNamee, according to a portion of
an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" released Thursday.

"Lidocaine and B-12. It's for my joints, and B-12 I still take today," Clemens told Mike Wallace in the interview, which is scheduled to be shown Sunday night. It is Clemens' first interview since the release of the Mitchell report in December.

In the report, McNamee claims to have injected Clemens with steroids in 1998, 2000 and 2001. He said he injected the seven-time Cy Young winner with HGH in 2000, according to the report. According to CBS, Clemens calls the accusation that he used steroids and HGH "ridiculous" and says he "never" used any banned substances. The interview was conducted last Friday.

Wallace asked Clemens if he swears he didn't used banned substances. "Swear," Clemens responds.

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that a lawyer for McNamee said he would sue Clemens if he accuses McNamee of lying in the interview.

"He's got a chance to protect himself," Richard D. Emery, a New York-based lawyer who specializes in libel and defamation actions, told The Times. "We're not going to sue him if he doesn't do it. But if he does it, we're going to sue him."

Oh, where to begin?

I need to do some research on B-12 shots. Same defense that Raffie Palmiero used, accusing Tejada of a tainted B-12 shot. Ya know what? After Raffie accued Tejada, I went out and bought B-12 caplets and took them for a few weeks to see if I felt materially better in any way. More limber? More energized? More able to rebound after being tired or working out? Nope. Maybe it's because I wasn't jabbing my posterior with a needle, but rather simply swallowing the vitamin.

I'll try to do some B-12 research tonite and see what the "claims" are. Maybe if you mix B-12 and Flaxseed Oil you get some sort of super-compound that enables you to defend yourself against the press, subpoena-free investigations, drug tests and simple seven digit annual contracts. Note to self: get working on such a compound.

More to come, of course.

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