Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can the Mets actually not close the deal?

According to "sources", the Mets and Santana/agent remain far apart on contract terms, both in dollars and years. OK, we all knew any first offer by the Mets would be rejected. That's S.O.P. But, could they actually fail to get Johan to say "I do"? I mean, is that even in the realm of possiblity? Imagine the fallout?

Santana's agents, Peter and Ed Greenberg, are believed to be looking for a six-year extension in the range of $150 million -- a figure that would include an upfront payment that would boost Santana's 2008 salary ($13.25 million) to beyond $20 million.
Buster Olney blogged yesterday about the incredible leverage Johan wields in this case. The Mets knew this. Will the unthinkable happen?

Could this resemble another landscape/history changing deal that also failed to reach the finishline? Could the Yanks swoop in if the Mets deal fails, offering the deal that they'd want to do, and steal Johan, just as they did with ARod in early 2004? Could you imagine?
I highly doubt the Mets fail to sign Johan, so it's nothing more than a fun exercise in "what if's". But, WHAT IF!?!?

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E-5 said...

What if?

Remember how they 1st got A Rod