Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And that sucked

Sorry, Shysterball, but I'm gonna butcher your daily column header.

Last night's pitching effort by the Yanks flat out sucked, except for Swisher's, naturally. Here is the play by play, detailing the destruction that the Rays wreaked on Wang:

  • 1st C Pena doubled to deep right center, B Upton and C Crawford scored. 2-0
  • 1st P Burrell doubled to deep center, C Pena scored. 3-0
  • 1st G Gross singled to left, P Burrell scored, D Navarro to third, G Gross thrown out at second attempting to advance on play. 4-0
  • 2nd E Longoria walked, J Bartlett scored, B Upton to third, C Crawford to second. 5-0
  • 2nd C Pena homered to right, B Upton, C Crawford and E Longoria scored. 9-0
  • Wang's line: 1.0 IP, 6H, 8ER, 3BB, 1K
It got so bad for the Yankees that first baseman Nick Swisher pitched a scoreless eighth inning, the first New York position player to take the mound since Wade Boggs used his knuckleball in 1997.

Swisher may have been New York's most effective pitcher. After giving up a walk and Tampa Bay's 17th hit, he struck out Gabe Kapler and got Pena and Pat Burrell to fly out.
Wang's ERA after his first two starts: 28.93. Seriously? Wang has as many strike outs in TWO starts as Nick Swisher has in 1 inning?!?!? UGH.

At least the Sox are 2-5.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

Just goes to show you how early in the season it is. ESPN has the Braves at no. 1!

Ron Rollins said...

How does a pitcher stay in that long?

Unless you're the Royals, and you 10-run Hillman at the helm. But real teams shouldn't do that.