Monday, March 16, 2009

All for one....

The Yanks' persona the last half dozen (or dozen, whatever) years has been very sterile, corporate. Or, in other less-flattering terms: BORING and FRACTURED. What this will mean when the games count I am not sure, but I am sure happy to hear that it's changing, even a little:

On a suggestion from A.J. Burnett before a Feb. 28 game at Steinbrenner Field, the members of the Yankees' projected rotation went to watch Joba Chamberlain warm up. And a habit was born.
The fraternity in the Yankees clubhouse has been noticeably stronger this spring, and no place has that been more overt than among this re-shuffled rotation. The five starters have committed to each other in a variety of ways, including going to watch each other's pre-game warm-ups.

It is difficult to measure what fraternity might mean within a rotation. The act of pitching, after all, is mostly a solitary act. But it is clear that big-time weight is on this rotation for a variety of reasons, notably that a quarter of a billion dollars was invested in Sabathia and Burnett to make starting pitching the backbone of the team and without Alex Rodriguez for a while this club is going to need its rotation operating at peak efficiency. So having an internal support system, especially in New York, should be valuable.

Sabathia arrived with the reputation as one of the game's best teammates and has only burnished that image.
But the surprise of the group has been Burnett. His reputation was as prickly and different. However, he has belied that, so far.
I continue to believe that Burnett will thrive since he can simply draft behind CC's wake. And that will ripple down the rotation. Of course, if Sabathia gets off to a dismal start or Burnett gets hurt.... all bets off. But if they succeed and the Yanks have a solid April, we can look forward to the "this team is better off without ARod" slop-slinging.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

That's a big wake.

Mark said...

Hey, I was going to say that!

Ron Rollins said...

Careful. That's an 'intangible' and they don't exist anymore.

You can't measure it with a number, so it isn't real.