Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beer ban in bleachers goes bye-bye

Rejoice, Bleacher Creatures!

Beer was banned in Section 39 at the old Stadium in 2000 to tame the sometimes overly passionate Bleacher Creatures, but with the move to the new ballpark, the taps will be turned on once again, a team official told The Post.
Now we are going to retire all of our old ingenious ways of smuggling beer into the stadium," [a fan] said.

We'd go into a deli, and they'd make us a hero with fresh Arthur Avenue bread, hollow it out and put four beer cans inside. The guy would wrap it up and write 'ham and cheese' on it."

In fact, alcohol never really stopped being sold in the bleachers, ["Sheriff Tom" Brown, a Creature since 1993] said.

This one guy would sell those airline-size liquor bottles out of a bathroom stall, like a drug dealer," he said.
We can look forward to decades more civility, family fun, laughs and smiles in the bleachers. Or not.


stock-in-sin said...

Thanks for sharing =)

The Common Man said...

You know this isn't really going to change much, right? If the bleacher seats cost $14, how much are they going to try to recoup by upping beer prices. It's not time to retire your beerbelly (http://www.thebeerbelly.com/) yet, gentlemen.