Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing beats a 9th inning rally

I haven't written much (anything?) about the WBC simply because I wasn't that "into it". I watched bits and pieces here and there but it wasn't must see baseball for me. I kept track of the standings and who advanced. I was geeked by the Netherlands beating the DR twice. But, I caught the end of the do-or-die game last night between the USA and Puerto Rico.

[David] Wright looped a two-run single into right field off Fernando Cabrera to finish a three-run ninth inning and vault the United States to a dramatic 6-5 victory in the World Baseball Classic. The Americans advanced to the semifinals while the stunned Puerto Ricans were eliminated.
Mets, Yanks, RedSox, Phillies...hated rivals during the season, dogpiling in March. Good stuff.

And I won't even discuss how Jeter failed to keep a ball hit to his left IN the infield to let the 5th run score in the top of the ninth. That the team won will forever bury this factoid.

And also, I found it, um, interesting that JC Romero was allowed to play given that he'll be serving a 50 game suspension for PED use.


dinologic (Dean D) said...

I watched the last 3 or 4 innings of that game and yes, the 9th inning rally was pretty exciting. It felt a [i]little[/i] flat because in a real game I don't think Romero is still in there. He looked pretty much done. But still, it was good stuff.

Oh, I cringed as well on the Jeter play (saw the replay). I usually don't get too caught up in the whole "Jeter is a terrible SS" thing because honestly, I feel that he's still too important to the Yankees to force him to change positions (yet!). In this context though, he looked old and slow. And it made me sad. :( I just hope he knows when to say when.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Yeah, noticed that I didn't say that Jeter should have made the play and thrown the runner out, but rather just knock it down and keep it on the infield.

Despite my frequently raised concerns, I am not trying to kick Jeter out of SS.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

This is the only time I cheer for David Wright.