Sunday, March 22, 2009

Then again, it's not always about the money

Here's wishing Corey Koskie a long and symptom free life away from the game as he calls it quits due to continued post-concussion problems.

He took himself out of Thursday's spring training game against Seattle in the third inning. Koskie batted twice in the game and fielded a pair of grounders. But he said he began feeling ill after diving for another grounder.
Koskie said he made his decision to end the comeback bid after talking with the Cubs' medical and training staffs and with his own doctors. In the end, he said the risks didn't make the potential rewards worth trying a comeback.

"I wanted to get back out there," he said. "I wanted to play. It might have been a little too soon. I might not have been prepared. I kind of decided, I said, 'You know what? Really, is it worth it? Is it worth the risk to go out there and play a couple more years versus having the rest of my life, living a normal life?' That's one of the biggest questions with a concussion because you try to minimize your symptoms, and you always feel you can do it.

"I know I can go out there and do it. But there is a little more head risk. Is it from my neck? Is it from my head? Is it really worth the risk to go out there and find out?"
I discussed this topic back in February 2008 and it's a shame that these problems still persist for Corey. While I commend him for giving it another shot, it's much better to see him making a decision that will hopefully help him his whole life rather than put everything at risk for maybe another year or two in the game. I am sure he will have a role in the game down the road should he choose, be it in broadcasting, coaching, managing or opening some "training acadamy". I wish him well.

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