Monday, March 9, 2009

Regardless of the hyperbole, this kid's good

Maybe you've heard of Stephen Strasburg, the uber-prospect still pitching for San Diego State. If not, meet the whiz kid:

Strasburg has thrown 20.1 innings this season, and he has 45 strikeouts. That means that out of the 61 outs he's registered, 45 are by strikeout. "It's like watching someone play one of those baseball video games for the first time -- it's like the hitters are completely guessing where he's going to throw the ball," said the scout. "They're just swinging in a spot and hoping that's where he throws it, because they can't track it."
That's pretty good pretty ridiculous. Seventy-four percent of the guys he's faced (small sample alert) have been struck out? I can't do that against my 8-1/2 year old and his buddies.
"You could put him in a rotation right now, and he could be a No. 2 or No. 3 starter," says the scout. "Right now, he's better than A.J. Burnett."
Um, wow. And the punchline, at least as far as the Nationals, who own the first overall pick in the draft this June:
Here's the primary mitigating factor about the greatest pitching prospect that this scout has ever seen: He's represented by Scott Boras, who has been known to hold out players for months, for years, in his effort to get his clients what he deems to be a fair-market price. Who knows what Boras has in store.
(giggles) I can't wait to see that negotiation!
But, as Keith Law writes in our daily draft blog, there doesn't appear to be anyone comparable to Strasburg. He appears to be the best talent in this draft, and in the mind of some, the best talent ever. The immortal Sidd Finch has come to life, without the quirks and the baggage, and he's pitching for San Diego State. For now. He may well be in the big leagues, whenever somebody meets Boras' asking price, by August or September.
Sidd Finch! All we need is a single huge army boot and a French horn. If anyone can get to the Aztecs game to see this guy pitch in person, report in!


tHeMARksMiTh said...

It seems he is that good. I mean hitting 100 mph routinely in a start with secondary pitches (including a low 90's slider) is a little ridiculous. Can we trade draft picks yet?

Dan Whitney said...

Jason, being an Aztecs fan and San Diego native I can assure you that he's really effing good. He had several games last season where he was at 17+ strikeouts. The Aztecs are even creating a Strasburg ticket package that includes tickets to all of his projected home starts.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Dan: If you go, take some good pix and send 'em my way. Would love to try to follow him from afar. By the time I am next in SD, it will be August and guessing the college season will be over.