Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yeah, good luck with that, KC

Anyone wanna guess how this is gonna end?

Sidney Ponson, who pitched for the amazing Netherlands team in the World Baseball Classic, was signed Tuesday by the Royals to a Minor League contract.
Last season Ponson pitched for the Texas Rangers, going 4-1 with a 3.88 ERA in nine starts, and for the New York Yankees, going 4-4 with a 5.85 ERA in 16 games (15 starts).
I hope he kicks Trey Hillman* like he punched/kicked that judge on the beach in Aruba. Can't wait to hear the requisite "looking for a fresh start" crap that he's said on every other stop he's made.

I still can't believe he had 15 starts for the Yanks last year. How on Earth did the team manage to win 89 games while giving 10% of its starts to Fat Sidney and another 7 to American Idle? I think the team overachieved. Have I mentioned that I hate Ponson?

Oh wait.... just occured to me: Ponson AND Farnsworthless are BOTH ON THE ROYALS!!! And they are overpaying Farnsworthless, bigtime. Good times. I love this. My night will be a good one.

Stay classy, Kansas City.

* Thanks, Ron, for the catch


lar said...

I went to Yankee Stadium for the first and only time last August (during a long Yankee Stadium/Fenway Park weekend). As a long time Orioles fan, I was excited about the possibility of seeing Mussina pitch. I went on a Saturday (and to Fenway on Sunday). Guess how the weekend worked out? Ponson pitched on Saturday and Mussina pitcher on Sunday. Talk about being mocked by the baseball gods...

Zach Sanders said...

Don't forget Jose Guillen. Just an awesome team this year.

Ron Rollins said...

You're doing this just to bait me. I know it.

And by the way, Gardenhire? The Royals wish they had him to manage instead of what they have now.

Just remember, when he wins the Cy Young, I predicted it.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Yes, Ron...I am TOTALLY baiting you.

PS: thanks for catching the Gardinhire goof. was moving too fast for my own good.