Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joel Sherman thinks you might be clinically insane

From The Post's own Joel Sherman, via his blog (as opposed to his column):

This is my rule: I try not to read the comments in the blog daily for several reasons, but mainly because I have several friends who do blogs and get lost in the nastiness and criticism of the postings of readers. I try to pick one day a week, usually Sunday, to try and read as many of the comments as possible finding that doing it with some distance and all at once tends to help me process the comments and separate the clinically insane from those making valid points. Really, sit back and read these comments some time and tell me what has happened to civil debate and just general decency. Anonymity plus anger is really some brew.
Awwww, he doesn't dig the criticism. That's the very nature of a blog, the gives and takes. Even if it gets nasty. Oftentimes, it gets nasty on a high-profile blog when the author has such disdain for the very readers who make his job possible. We, the readers, don't want to be ignored; we want to be heard.

My free advice: Joel, stop acting all high and mighty and jump into the pool with your readers. You might find that engaging them on a 1:1 basis goes a long way. Heck, you might even ENJOY it. Don't let your platform be a barrier. Some of us/them, while likely clinically insane, might have some good points to make, even if they are contrary to yours.


Of course, this gives me a reason to run the picture on the top-right, which has been gathering dust and lint in my back pocket for more than a year!


The Common Man said...

It's true, Joel. And Jason's not just saying that because he's a racist, sexist, agist, amoral jerk who likes to set fires. Ah, anonymity.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

I don't like to set fires; I LOVE it!

You should have seen the fire I had going Sunday afternoon, burning all leftover wood at my house, including chopsticks used at dinner. My ceremonial tribute to the end of Winter. Then it was 35 degrees the next morning.

Ron Rollins said...

There's a reason I never make a comment as 'anonymous' or reply to a comment from 'anonymous'.

Even if you make up a name, give your comment an identity. I'll respond to people, good, bad, or ugly, if they don't like what I'm saying.

But anonymity doesn't work for me.

e-5 said...

HIM is proud of you I can get you that assault gun for your birthday you have been keen on...