Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The stars steroids at night, are big and bright

...deep in the heart of Texas!

Deep in the heart of Texas is a high-school with a dirty little secret. Thirty-five miles northeast of the fashionable downtown district of Houston is Crosby High School. Their current administration includes a host of professionals with storied academic careers, and one with a secret unknown to the rest.

What none of the other faculty knows about Victoria "Tori" Clapp is that registered to 20703 Tamarron Drive in Humble Texas…is a not so humble secret; it’s a Texas sized embarrassment to the entire district. The mailing address of her own personal site, (which is currently inactive) matches one of the addresses found on comprehensive business report for Anabolic Research, LLC, the company behind such sites as and
This link comes from reader/author/chemist Anthony Roberts, who, you might remember, was the force behind my Foundation Shenanigans posting that created quite a dust-up last week. In addition to being a chemist, Roberts is also an investigative reporter covering the steroids universe. Roberts links Tori Clapp to the same Brian Clapp (as her step-son) that was mentioned in that article last week, too.
A complete business report reveals that Mr. Clapp also owns the sites (a site where you can purchase a product that can be used to beat sports doping tests), (where you can purchase supplies for home-brewing injectable steroids, as well as liquid versions of Viagra and other drugs), and even
Back to Ms. Clapp and her Jeckyl and Hyde story:
In 2007, Texas began the largest high-school steroid-testing program in the country …so why is the company behind the websites and showing up on records matching the registered address for Other records obtained through LexisNexis show that Ms. Clapp has lived at the same home address (also on Tamarron Dr.) that a company called "Steroid Labs, Inc" has used as their corporate address.

Why are all of these companies all leading back her addresses? Should they be, considering she is a public school employee? What is her level of involvement or knowledge about these operations?

Phone calls to
officials in her school district revealed that they were unaware of the existence of these sites, although they expressed distress that they were operating out of the Houston area. Financial records indicate that her husband, Barry Clapp, as well as her step-son Brian Clapp, are both principal operators of these companies.
These aren't questions I can answer, only ask.
Fair enough. Keep asking those tough questions, Anthony. Thanks for clueing me in.

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