Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sheppard out for Opening Day

Sadly, the Voice of God won't be up to attending and calling the first game. It would incredible if he felt able to do it, but he's in his late 90's and it's just too difficult for him:

So the opener is out of the question? "He would love to be there; he would love it,'' [his wife] said. "But at the moment the stamina isn't there.''

Sheppard, who is in his late 90s and has been the Yankees' public address announcer since 1951, missed the entire 2008 season recovering from a bronchial infection.
Mary Sheppard said warmer mid-season weather might help ease her husband's return."
He's been through a lot,'' she said. "But there is no one particular problem. His weight is fine. And his voice is still excellent.''
I wish him well!

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