Monday, March 23, 2009

ShysterBall/FackYouk: Can you charge for content?

ShysterBall and FackYouk have a good discussion going today about the 'charging for content' dynamic as traditional print media continues to slide into the abyss. Craig's main point:

I fear that charging for content would lead to me getting a solid income stream of, like, $500 a month with everyone else abandoning me for freer content. And really, that would be the worst of both worlds: not enough money to live on, not enough eyes to feel like I'm contributing to the greater baseball conversation out there.
Worth looking at each link above. Then feel free to paypal me some cash.


5150bosox said...

I not only boycott espn because they charge for "insider" bs. But I also won't support their know sponsors, such as gatorade.
Their so-called insider info can be found free on sites such as rotoworld.
When ad revenue is not enough and you have to gouge people, they can end up like the dinosaur newspaper industry for all I care!
Keep up the good content, I enjoy your site, even as a Red Sox fan.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Thank 5150bosox. I am glad you're here. It's good to have the other side keeping me honest.

As far as Insider...It came with my free ESPN The Magazine subscription. And now that Neyer/Law are out from under it's hood, all's good.