Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dusty's dog dies of exhaustion

This is just plain funny (it's called satire)

It seems that the Red’s manager had been training his pup for next year’s Purina Dog Challenge, but accidentally left a tennis ball machine on in his backyard over the weekend and the poor Golden retriever fetched and fetched until his little heart exploded after chasing what animal rescue workers believe to be well over 15,000 tennis balls.

When interviewed Baker spoke incredulously about the situation.

I don’t understand it. He should have been able to fetch that many tennis balls. I don’t care what the so called ‘experts’ say about how much strain a golden retriever can handle. I’ve always thrown him 5000 balls a day and even knowing what I do now, would continue to throw him at least 5000 balls a day because that’s what he liked and that’s what it took for him to win. After games I used to make Kerry Wood come over and throw about 300 tennis balls as far as he could to help train the dog for the physical demands of a competition as excruciating as the PDC.”

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Alex K said...

And he had Mark Prior throw another 900 :(