Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday video fun: Rovell attacks the Fifth Third Burger

You may have heard about Fifth Third Burger, a $20 monstrosity named after the bank that sponsors the West Michigan Whitecaps minor league baseball team.

It's 5/3 lbs (1.66) of beef with lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, chili and Fritos on an eight-inch sesame seed bun.

The team says it feeds one to four people and sells for $20, and if a person finishes the Fifth Third Burger in one sitting, the team will offer up a Fifth Third Burger T-shirt.
Fifth Third Burger Nutritional Value
  • Calories 4889; 244% Daily Value
  • Total Fat 299g; 460%
  • Sat. Fat 199g; 597%
  • Cholesterol 744mg; 248%
  • Sodium 10,887mg; 454%
  • Total Carbs 354g; 118%
  • Protein 198g; 105%
So Darren Rovell decided that writing about it wasn't nearly enough. The ballpark sent him all of the ingredients and he constructed it on camera and tried to attack it live on TV with Jim Cramer trying to talk next to him. Here's the video:

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Ralph said...

I think I just peed a little.