Thursday, March 5, 2009

So was it all worth it?

It's a question that's not totally fair as things changed mightily since last Fall, but my question to Manny and Boras would be: "So was it all worth it?"

Manny, you soiled your reputation. You have been labeled as a quitter, a lockerroom wedge. Even your closest friends on the Sox finally couldn't handle it any longer and had to go to your GM to ask him to deal you. And the loyal RSN was thrilled to see you finally gone. Imagine that? The MVP of the tectonic plate-changing 2004 World Series RedSox...booed out of town.

Was it it worth doing for $5 million dollars? After earning $160m on the RedSox alone, was that extra $5m that important? Was it worth the criticism? Maybe he doesn't care. Maybe it's all that matters, getting the highest dollar amount he could each year.

In Jayson Stark's article, he details the final meeting between Manny & Boras along with Colletti, McCourt and Torre. One thing was obvious:

They also talked about the shenanigans Ramirez had pulled in Boston before he ever reached L.A. They talked about the damage he had done to his image. And they needed to know, they said, that there would be no encores of that act.

Ramirez gave his promise: no more stunts. No more problems. He knew how people outside Los Angeles felt about him, he said. And this was going to be his chance to rewrite that story and fix that damaged image.
Can you take Manny at his word? Me, either. I can't wait until he opts out this Fall and we get to do this again.

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