Friday, March 6, 2009

Well shoot, that means I have to kill this blog

I was riding on easy street when Teix, CC, Burnett, Lowe, etc. all ran for the biggest checks they could find. I mean, it's still all about the money.

Except when it's not (here for original linked source at the NY Post). And now I have to consider shutting this whole tent down! Sure it's a football signing but still, my whole theory just had a hole blown in the door.

"We were very close to having everything signed, sealed and delivered out to New York when all of a sudden the Denver Broncos came out of nowhere and threw out a really big number at me," the Jets' new safety said Wednesday. "So, I took a few hours to consider it and we ultimately decided that regardless of the money situation, the Jets were the place to be."
Good thing I have about a dozen other blognames reserved. Help me choose which blog name to use (actual blognames I reserved during fits of insomnia or incoherence, available to you for a small fee!):
  • Pitchiro!
  • The Dead Torre Scrolls
  • LMAO Ming
  • Anyone but the RedSox
  • Enrico Palazzo
  • Hookslides
  • Paint The Black
  • First Pitch Strike
  • Diving Into First
  • Waste Pitch
  • Seamhead Union
  • Close Encounters of the Baseball Kind

(thanks to Jay at Fack Youk for the tip and a pat on the back for a good job by my friends at TSH)


Zach Sanders said...

You can't have LMAO Ming without LOL Deng.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I like "Close Encounters ..."

JoeOrange31 said...

For what it's worth....IT IS ALWAYS about the money!!! You can't change the name. Sorry, you're not allowed! Remember "When they tell you that it's not about the money...."

Ron Rollins said...

Chris Chambliss Broke My Heart And Still Makes Me Cry At Night!!!