Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two deaths in the Yanks family

Sad day for the Yanks:

Johnny Blanchard, a Yankee from 1955-65, passed away today. He was 76.

Blanchard played in five World Series, helping the Yankees win two of them. He was an outfielder and catcher.

The Yankees also lost Arthur Richman, the team’s senior advisor of media relations. A colorful character who was around baseball nearly all his life, Richman was primarily a sports columnist who had close relationships with players like Joe DiMaggio and Don Larsen.

Richman also became close to George Steinbrenner and it was at his suggestion that the Yankees hired Joe Torre as manager.


e-5 said...

HIM remembers that in that magical 1961 year the Yanks had three catchers hit over 20 hrs, Berra, Howard and Blanchard. That is the ultimate offense and defensive production from the catcher position.

e-5 said...
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