Friday, March 6, 2009

Then again, he might play

I'm not posting and updating every stinkin' ARod tidbit. I'm sick of it all. But here's one update saying that he might not need the surgery and it's not an injury that's like Bo Jackson's. So that's good, I guess.

So the parties involved have taken the more conservative route of rest and rehabilitation, and Rodriguez's hip will continue to be monitored to see if the labrum tear worsens.

If that happens, the cartilage in the hip would be exposed, and this could lead to microfracture surgery, as explained on the conference call.

If there are signs that Rodriguez's tear is worsening, surgery would take place before any microfracture surgery becomes necessary.

There had been speculation that Rodriguez might have a hip condition similar to that of former Kansas City Royals outfielder Bo Jackson, but there was no talk of that type of injury on the conference call, sources say. Rather, the injury is being regarded as something that can be fixed, whether it is during the season or after.

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Osmodious said...

There's lots of speculation from the usual pundits about the multitude of infielders the Yankees might pick up, and the various costs of these options. Nobody mentions Cody Ransom, even in passing...kind of a pity.

Isn't it interesting how, whenever the Yankees have a need, NOBODY talks about players that they have in the farm system? Never. Yet, look at some of the guys they have wound up having to 'take a chance on'...Robinson Cano, for example.

The Yankee farm system generates some darned good players, many of whom get traded away for 'established stars' (who fizzle in NY) and wind up doing very, very well elsewhere (e.g. would anyone have been that concerned about Jorge these past couple of years if Navarro was the backup?).

I watch these kids every spring and they are pretty impressive...but few of them make it to the Bronx. And the few that do, have so much pressure to perform (and so few chances to actually do so) that they aren't at their best. It's a shame, it really is.