Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the love of the lame

Massachussetts state Rep. William Brownsberger wants to have "Fever Pitch" declared as the "official movie" of the state. You sir, are officially LAME. Why not write a bill to change the Sox team colors to pink hats and green jerseys?

Fever Pitch features the most important season in modern Red Sox history: 2004, when the curse was reversed and the Bosox won the World Series. Some of that season's favorite players and actors did a wicked awesome job getting the Boston accent right.

Just this year, state Rep. William Brownsberger
filed a bill to name Fever Pitch the official movie of the Massachusetts Commonwealth. By filing this bill, he's not only helping teach some eighth-graders a civics lesson (showing them how a bill becomes a law), he's also showing respect for a film that makes New York Yankees fans cringe. Don't judge the movie by the box office, but by the DVD sales to those as obsessed with the Red Sox as Jimmy Fallon's character was.

Thanks to Chris L. for the tip.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

WHAT THE F***?!?! It's sort of a heart-warming movie and all, but WTF. I still can't get over it, so I'll come back in a little while and see if it makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

I liked 'Fever Pitch" and all but "Goodwill Hunting " was MUCH more Wicked Pissa. Not to mention our native Bostonians Affleck & Damon (not Johnny either).