Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The title says it all (so does the subtitle)

From today's San Diego Union-Tribune, our "no sh*t, Sherlock" moment of the day:

Towers shopping for a bargain
GM in need of pitchers, but he has little to offer
Good luck with that, Kev. Get excited, Pads fans, it's waiver wire trolling time, yet again!
The Padres don't appear to have much to offer, partly because they plan to keep first base prospect Kyle Blanks, who is blocked by Adrian Gonzalez.
The more likely source for pitching is the waiver wire, which the Padres regularly troll.

The Padres led the majors in waiver claims last year, and because they had the third-worst record (63-99), only the Nationals and Mariners can claim a player ahead of the Padres.

Pitchers out of minor-league options are of particular interest to the Padres because they will be cheaply available if their current club cannot fit them onto their Opening Day roster.
Nothing revvs up a fan base quite like players who are out of minor-league options. At least DePo is still keeping the front office transparency; by the way, if you want to learn something about the pre-Arb process, go read this. {So how long until Adrian Gonzalez is dealt?}

On a personal level: I really, really want to Padres to succeed. I hate that an owner's personal issues (divorce) became the reason for a sell-off and team sale/change in control. The city and stadium are too nice to be so down on the hometown nine.

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Anonymous said...

I live in SD and moores' is getting what he deserves! and it's not surprising that he's taking the team down with him. What a lying a$$h@/e! Towers hands are tied, He's always liked Adam Dunn and it had to kill him when missed out on the bargin that DC got. moores ripped off the city on the ballpark, made a fortune in real estate all around the park and never came through with his promises on the Padres. I went to one game last year and won't be going to ANY this year. The story will read: "Padre attendance down 50%, must be the economy". Not true, it moorasses' fault. The Padres are boring to watch! See you in Anaheim!