Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jeter being asked to move

Sorry, not what you might be thinking, but very interesting nonetheless:

The Yankees' lineup will have a new look this season.

Derek Jeter will be the leadoff hitter and Johnny Damon will bat second, a top of the lineup switch the Yankees will use for the rest of spring training.

Manager Joe Girardi said the reason for the switch is because the team likes how Damon has looked batting second in spring training games. As long as the Yankees like what they see over the final week of spring training games, the team will bring this lineup into the regular season.

The new look at the top of the batting order also is an indication that the Yankees will use Brett Gardner as their everyday centerfielder. Gardner figures to be the ninth hitter, and if Damon was batting leadoff opponents would likely bring a lefthanded specialist to face both hitters. Putting Jeter first splits the two lefthanded hitters.
I'm okay with it if it makes our team better," Damon said.
I think I like this move, though honestly, I am so accumstomed to seeing Damon up first followed by Jeter that it will take some getting used to. And I love Damon's quote. Clearly this is a guy who gets what the team concept is. I'm also excited with the idea of Gardner being in CF. We've lacked that major speed element for so long, it will be fun to see a guy like that in the lineup, even at the end of it.

Can we look at this as a harbinger of what might come in a year or two? I doubt it, but it sure is interesting.


Michael said...

Jeter bats leadoff in MLB 09 for the PS3.

It's good to see the coaching staff plays video games.

The player that I created in Road to the Show has HOF potential, I will gladly become a Yankee advisor.

tadthebad said...

When the NYY signed Damon, Verducci did some good work and pointed out that in virtually every important offensive category for leadoff hitters (minus slugging), Jeter was significantly better than Damon. Pitches per PA, OBP, AVG; Jeter was better. So why has it taken until the final year of Damon's contract for the Yankees to figure this out?