Monday, March 23, 2009

NYY: 5 things to look forward to

Thanks to Josh at Jorge Says No!, here are his top 5 things the Yanks can look forward to in 2009. You'll have to click thru to read his rationale.

  1. Joba in the rotation...finally
  2. What next for A-Rod?
  3. Brett Gardner
  4. A healthy Jorge Posada
  5. CC

I really have no idea what to expect with ARod this season. Not a freakin' clue. He could struggle with his hip and his incredible distractions all year. He could come back focused on the game and being a better teammate and have a typically huge year. Neither would surprise me. Silence, on the other hand, would.

And I am totally excited to see CC take the hill. And if Gardner can put a hammerlock on the CF gig, can he at least approximate what Ellsbury is in Boston? 10 HR power, 40 SB, solid BA/OBP, solid D. I think it's possible.

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Will W said...

What are five you aren't looking forward to? Maybe, given your post about Caple on Jeter, seeing more Jeter at short is one of them?
What are some others?

As an A's fam, I'm not looking forward to:
1. Potential booing of Giambi. I really hope it doesn't happen, but this is Oakland. To quote Giambi himself, "Have you ever been to Oakland?" Let's please bury the hatchet and move forward. Giambi's paid a karmic toll already.
2. Seeing more forks in Eric Chavez's back. Seeing Chavey go from Gold Glover with a big stick to chronic medic alert has been very very sad.
3. Watching the starting rotation learn the hard way. This is gonna be ugly at times.
4. Seeing the odd man/men at 1B/OF get sent back to Sacramento. The A's have too many guys for too many spots and most of them arguably deserve an MLB roster spot. I will be sad for them.
5. Watching a good bullpen hold a deficit on a lot of nights. The A's should do well if they get to the sixth with a lead, but I wonder if that will happen more than 70-75 games or so this season.