Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seriously, can we do SOMETHING about these bats already?

When is it going to be enough? Nearly piercing a coach's eye not enough? Do we have to wait until someone is permanently maimed (or worse) before doing something? Outlaw the maple bats until you can figure something out, something to make them safer for other players, coaches, umpires and the fans. Once you figure out a way to prevent the bats from splintering and helicoptering into the seats or the field, bring 'em back. Until then, no more maple bats.

This is ridiculous:

[Indians' Triple-A manager Torey] Lovullo was standing with Shelton in the dugout during the fourth inning of the Indians' game against the Rockies on Sunday, watching Crowe at the plate, when Crowe's bat shattered on contact with the ball. The broken bat flew over the heads of Lovullo and Shelton, hit the netting directly above the Indians' dugout and ricocheted back. When Lovullo turned to see where it went, the bat immediately struck him above the eye.
Back at work Monday morning, Lovullo had a nasty shiner under his sunglasses, his left eye essentially sealed shut.

He was lucky he was wearing sunglasses at the time of the incident. Had he not been wearing them, the bat might have pierced his eye.

Bud, this one will be on you and you can't act surprised. Time to be PROACTIVE!!!!

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