Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

...who's the vainest, most self-absorbed, narcissistic, image-conscious of them all?

His inability to stay in the shadows, his relentless quest for the limelight as an individual.... what more can I say?

ARod loves him some ARod.


Zach Sanders said...

At first, I didn't realize that was a mirror, and thought this story was about to get realllly interesting.

Ralph said...

I'm REALLY having a hard time being a Yankee fan lately. Why is it that this guy can't keep himself out of the spotlight? Why does he ALWAYS look like a narcissistic asshole?

Oh, that's right...he is one.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

I agree, Ralph. Last year, I promised my brother I wouldn't be such a hater. And I wasn't. I rooted for ARod, bigtime.

And after this offseason....it's very tough. Keep rooting for the laundry

dinologic (Dean D) said...

Yeah, I am so done with Alex Rodriguez. I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to this stuff but this just illustrates that he has no place on this team (on MY team). Call it narcissistic or whatever...I call it just plain STUPID.

With each day that passes, Derek Jeter's legacy as the quintessential Yankee, and quintessential PRO becomes more and more solidified.

BTW, did anyone catch B&C on WFAN this morning? They brought up a good point. Apparently, ARod's PR people are not of the usual pro sports variety. They're more "hollywood" and go by the "any attention is good attention" philosophy. I didn't catch the whole segment but they also mentioned something about how he's been trying to brand himself from very early on as bigger then just a baseball player. It doesn't explain his apparent self-image problems, but it clears up a LOT of things about him, I think. It at least explains his tendency to do stupid shit like allowing these pictures to be taken.

Ralph said...

Thanks Jason, sometimes I forget that...we root for the laundry.

Steve said...

Is it really that hard for Alex to keep himself out of the spotlight?
Is his internal filter/censor really that outta whack where he doesn't see that at the very least, this looks bad?
And yet I'll hope for a speedy recovery and .302AVG 35HR and better than 103RBI.
To quote a great man, scholar and overall thoughtful individual, Hank Hill:
"That boy ain't right".